LCD Video Walls / TV Mounts

Our mission

In a world filled with high-tech gizmos and a never-ending array of visual imagery, display performance is a requirement. While we do love to dazzle your eyes, we never forget that our primary mission is to give you the ability to see: the data, the advertising, the movie, the presentation, the game. We know it’s not about the technology. It’s about what you need to do with it.

Designed Specifically For Your Application

MTG focuses on how people use our displays. What features really matter to you. The environments you use them in. We listen. We see. We learn. We find ways to help you solve problems you might not even know you have with our pioneering efforts.

Experience Expertise Second To None

With over many years of experience in display technology, MTG brings deep technology expertise to big display challenges. We help you understand the technology options available to you and bring the latest and best offerings. It’s also our job to keep on top of the newest technologies, but we only bring them out when they’re proven and ready. You can depend on us to help you benefit from the cutting-edge when the technologies are truly viable and worthy of your trust.

Just see for yourself


TV mounts 20% Off Now Til June 1st Call  for Prices

prices vary

TV Mount $80.00 + Wire Concealment $25.00

              Let our team help you design your next Video wall

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